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Snyer - free app for Android.
Use the information about your own purchases
for savings!

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    Snyer it’s easy way to saving money on your daily puchases.

    We are going to the stores not for buying just one product - so, do compare prices directly for your shopping cart of your favourite products, and in those stores where YOU buy!
    Create your own database with the products you buy.

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    How does it work

    - scaning the bar-code,
    - adding product name, volume and price,
    - adding our store.
    Information saved!
    Next time, when you buy this item (maybe in another grocery) you can see old price and add the new price, which allow you to compare this item already in two stores. After adding a few items and stores you can create your shopping cart before shopping and see, which store are really cheaper and where do you want to do your purchases.